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Visit to The Gambia 27/11/09


On Saturday 28th the team attended a briefing meeting and  discussed the timetable and teaching programme for the following week.  Over the course of the next few days Stella Elliott was able to shadow Paul Lawrance and Mr Cham and observe equipment being stripped down, cleaned and repaired.

Stella discussed with SK, Matron Kato and Yaya Deputy Matron about implementing nurse training records and the maintenance of such records.

All the cataract surgeons  had  been brought in from the outlying regions for tutorials and training which proved to be very beneficial. Training focussed on IOP  measurement and management of Glaucoma

An Ophthalmic nurse Ramu commenced training to enable her to run a nurse led Glaucoma clinic in conjunction with Dr Iwuora’s clinic.

Stella and SK went to meet  Haddy  Faal from The Standard Chartered Bank in Banjul, unfortunately Haddy’s diary was very full and she was unable to meet us, her manager whom we met last year has transferred back to Ghana, so hopefully we can meet  with Haddy next time.

Stella and SK went to GOVI (Gambian Organisation for the Visually Impaired), the centre is very close to SZRECC. We met the Director and his assistant who repairs the Braille machines and then went to the school which is in the same grounds. We met the Deputy Headmistress, nursery teacher and another teacher. GOVI provides food, clothing, and transport where necessary for these children. Ultimately they aim to integrate as many children as possible into mainstream education with support and in the curriculum for primary education the children are taught daily living skills. I watched the children playing outside and they were very happy and well cared for.


Outside of work we shared some memorable occasions with the team from SZRECC. On Saturday afternoon we went sightseeing and then went for lunch in Lamin Lodge, the food there was amazing and it was good to be back all together working as one team. The afternoon at Lamin gave us further opportunity to chat about the two centres and update each other on events

On Monday evening  Yaya  had organised a fund raising concert with a world famous Cora player Jaliba Kuyateh. SZRECC had organised special outfits for us to wear and we all went to a hall in Banjul for the event. We had a fantastic evening and it was good to be involved in a joint fundraising event. We met a British gentleman who lives in The Gambia and is a supporter of the hospital as Dr Iwuora has performed cataract surgery on him

Wednesday evening saw Huw, Stella and SK go the the Rotary Club of Banjul meeting. Stella presented the club with a pennant from the Gower and Llwchwr Rotary Club and also received a pennant from Madam President which she will present to Gower and Llwchwr club in the near future

We also enjoyed the lunches organised by  Matron Kato

Thursday was our last night and we all went for supper to the Baobab Restaurant to reflect on the past week’s activities and to think a little bit about the future. The Swansea team would like to express their thanks for the generous hospitality and friendship shown by the team in SZRECC.

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