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About Us

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The Gambia-Swansea Vision 2020 Link was established in February 2008 as part of the Vision 2020 Links Programme.

The Link forms a partnership between The Sheik Zayed Regional Eye Care Centre, Banjul, The Gambia and Singleton Hospital Ophthalmology Department, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University NHS Trust, Swansea. This forms part of the broader link between The Gambia and the City and County of Swansea.

Traing block in Sheik Zayed Regional Eye Care Centre

The link was set-up as part of the World Health Organisation’s Vision 2020 project – a global initiative for the elimination of avoidable blindness. It is also supported by Sightsavers International, a charity which works to combat blindness in developing countries.
Our aim is to make this hospital a centre of excellence for the whole of West Africa involved in the Health for Peace Initiative and we have already been successful in laying the foundations of an excellent partnership.

The vision and main purpose of The Gambia-Swansea Vision 2020 Eye Link is:

1) To establish a broad partnership in health promotion including patient care, public health, service delivery, teaching, training and research.

2) To promote working partnerships between staff and students to improve health outcomes.

3) To incorporate within the Link the relevant activities of the medical schools (Universities of The Gambia and Swansea Schools of Medicine) and other institutions associated with Sheikh Zayed Regional Eye Care Centre and Singleton Hospital Ophthalmology Department, acting for and on behalf of the relevant Deans, Directors, staff and students.

4) To encourage broader linkages between Wales and The Gambia.


To contact us please email [email protected]